Tag: Agent


  • Chief Rinham Bright Feather

    High Chief of the [[Bright Feather Clan | Bright Feather Clan]]. He is a well meaning individual whose highest goal in life is to be worthy of his chosen god. Possesses a lesser mark of the sentinel. He is currently in charge of the Paladins of [[ …

  • Chief Phine Spear-Point

    Son of Chief Phine-do. Chief of the [[Spear Point Tribe | Spear Point Tribe]] He is a tough individual whose highest goal is to be worthy of his name which he claims to be that of the ancient chief's youngest son. * [[Pyn'gok Naming Conventions | …

  • Chief Oolana Silent Wind

    Claiming to be the descendant of the ancient Chief Broken-Wing's daughter. She has led the [[Silent Wind Tribe | Silent Wind Tribe]] as the only known Pyn'gok female chief. Also, I know the picture is of a male pyn'gok but it is used for racial id …

  • Thomas

    Recruited by the [[:deity-of-honor | Deity of Honor]] he is the one youth who stayed in service after the duels of honor. He has a least mark of the sentinel.

  • General Clovis

    The former Guard Captain of Stormreach. He and a cadre of his sergeants left the city after putting themselves on bad terms with the new Dakanii Republic overlords.

  • Oracle Enam Inush-Vesrul

    Descending into insanity while trying to contact the pantheons, he was found by the [[:deity-of-purity | Deity of Purity]] and has since dedicated his life to fulfilling its will.

  • Ambassador Flovius

    A noble of the [[Dakanii Republic | Dakanii Republic]], she expects to be treated with the utmost care and have the undivided attention of whomever she is speaking to. It is unclear whether she got this job because she was best suited or because someone …

  • Nadine D'Cavois

    A lesser noble merchant lord from Stormreach. She has come to Arghal to attempt to make her fortune through use of her talents as a trader.

  • Grellin Omaren

    Former mason of the Omaren family, he lost most of his influence and fortune when the Omarens staged a failed coup.

  • Fuea Omaren

    After losing her tutor to the Omaren coup, she has taken to performing basic smith work.

  • Ness Esa

    After the Dakanni takeover of Stormreach, she has been happy to continue her studies at the academy, but when a medical position opened up in Ardghall she went. Eager to advance her studies in the jungle.